access floor maintenance

We are pleased to offer industry standards for Access Floor Maintenance. Proper care of a raised floor insures optimum performance for your flooring system. By following these requirements, the life expectancy of your raised floor will be greatly improved.


This online guide provides you with a detailed explanation of the problems that develop with raised floor systems. The first section addresses the structural hazards that are created by improper care, neglect and abuse. The environmental section covers a variety of conditions found in and around access floor systems resulting from improper maintenance.


A raised floor system plays an important role in creating the ideal environment for your equipment and personnel. While most floor systems are extremely durable, it is still important to properly maintain a floor system. Periodic cleaning of the floor surface and subfloor area increases the operating efficiency and reliability of equipment, and extends the life of the floor system.


This guide is available in a paperback version. This invaluable and informative 88 page book is the latest word on the care and maintenance of raised floor systems. If you are not maintaining your floor, your firm could be in violation of OHSA standards 29 CFR Part 1910-D.21, 29 CFR Part 1910D.22, 29 CFR Part 1926-M.500, and ANSI A1246.1. Click here to purchase online.