About The Author

Carol Blake is the founder and CEO of Access Floor Systems.com, Inc., a full service access floor contracting company. Blake's company has served raised floor sites throughout the USA for over 30 years.


In the mid 80's Blake developed RISE Access Floor Cleaner. Shortly thereafter, Blake created the RISE System, now the industry standard for maintaining raised floor environments. Ms. Blake has been the pioneer in providing education and training throughout the industry on the structural and environmental maintenance of raised floors. She has personally trained hundreds of raised floor contracting firms on proper structural and environmental maintenance for raised floor environments.


In 1994, she branched out to the world via the Internet offering information on raised floor care internationally. Her work is regarded as the Industry Standard for Access Floor Maintenance worldwide.


Through education, safety inspections, and implementing current industry standards Ms. Blake has successfully helped her clients gain better control of the raised floor environment. She is skilled at evaluating the myriad factors affecting performance and providing workable solutions within the framework of ongoing production.


Blake is a published author, professional speaker and consultant to the access floor industry.