Residual Wax Build-up


When your floor panels have been cleaned regularly, but they appear yellow, dingy, and dirty-looking, more than likely residual wax has built up on the surface. This is a common problem with floor systems. Residual wax rapidly ages a floor system and should be removed. Careful, though. Commercial wax removers will cause your panels to delaminate (panel surface becomes detached) and you will end up with a larger problem than when you started. We recommend using OWAXO which was designed specifically for this purpose.


  • Cleaning crews using a mop in other areas of a building and using the same mop on the raised floor
  • Uneducated workers
  • Wrong cleaning chemicals
  • Improper cleaning methods


  • Affects static dissipating properties of surface
  • Introduces unwanted contaminates into closed area
  • Causes edge trim to become brittle
  • Permanent damage to floor system
  • Structural damage to other components
  • Creates poor aesthetic quality of panel surface