Welcome to the Glossary Section of our website. Here you can learn about all the components that make up a raised floor system and become familiar with your raised floor system.


There are three basic sections: Basic Components which are the foundations to a floor system, Installation Materials which are the materials needed to installing raised floor systems; and Accessories the products that assist with the care of raised floors once they are installed.


If you are just getting started, we suggest you visit the QUICK SELECTOR Program . It a quick and easy way to determine the type of floor system most suited to your individual requirements. Simply answer the questions and instantly our QUICK SELECTOR Program will recommend the best floor type for you. It is easy and will just take you seconds.


If you are seeking detailed Specifications, please visit the Specifications Section of our website.


A quick visit to Understanding Loads will assist you if you are unfamiliar with the the terms used to describe the loads on raised floor.


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