Computer Room

Access floors were designed specifically for computer rooms.  Here are several reasons:

  • access floors distribute heavy weights equally
  • access floors manage the spaghetti of wires around computer equipment and offer a safe environment for personnel (no tripping)
  • access floors manage airflow to sensitive equipment
  • access floors provide grounding
  • access floors provide the needed flexibility for ever changing  hi-tech rooms
  • service outlets cut-in easy


Most computer centers have a surface covering known as High Pressure Laminate(HPL).  HPL has become the standard in computer room design because of its ease of maintenance and its unique ability to dissipate static electricity.  HPL is available is two different thicknesses: 1/16" and 1/8".


If you have heavy loads, you will want to definitely consider an all steel floor that is filled with concrete.  These floors offer excellent rolling load protection as well as stationary equipment protection.  Another consideration is the understructure.  We have found that with heavy loads, it is a much safer environment when the grid is bolted.  Bolting the stringers (cross-pieces) to the pedestal (floor jacks) creates a rigid grid even when floor tiles are removed.