General Office Environment



Once upon a time when a mainframe did all the processing for a company, the employees had a typewriter and a calculator. With the advent of mini-computers, terminals, and pc's, the landscape of the modern office forever changed. No longer can we have one plug at our desk, we need a strip...make that two strips. With a minimum requirement of a personal computer at a desk, the wires in an office quickly became unmanageable and uncontrollable. And not even entered into this equation is the moving of employees throughout a building, their wires, their phones, their fax, their ethernet wiring, or modem, etc. It is a nightmare for yesterday's design in the office of today.


The floor for tomorrow in the office of today is definitely raised flooring. It has different loading requirements, usually is not as high as a computer room floor, and has contemporary carpet on it.


Usually these general office floors are lighter and less expensive than mainframe type computer flooring. And if the building can accommodate raised flooring during the design and construction of the building, the owner of the building receives savings in thousands throughout the life of the building. Installing access flooring during renovations is quite common, too.


If you are constructing a building, the way to guarantee the future of your building is to install access flooring. Tomorrow will bring more sophisticated equipment to your desktop. If you are reading this on the Internet, would you have ever thought this would be possible 20 years ago? That is why you must plan for what you don't know is coming as best you can. Access floor is a smart move and a wise investment.