Equipment Supports

Equipment Supports

This is a typical conversation about equipment supports that we receive at our office.


We are getting some new equipment in next week. Do you have more of the steel supports that go under my floor?

Yes, we do supply heavy duty pedestal support assemblies.


How do I know they will work on my floor?

The heavy duty pedestal support assembly offered on our website comes with a flat head making it very easy to interface with the underside of your panel, thus preventing the panel from failing under heavy loads. The supports are flat on the top and will work with any access floor. They don't connect into your existing understructure, they are placed directly under the equipment legs or feet. You don't have to attach them to the rest of your access floor.


How much will they support?

These pedestal assemblies are manufactured by Tate and have a 8000# axial load. That means they will support 8000 pounds of weight straight down on them.


How do you install them?

It is really easy to install. Simply place one pedestal support assembly under the midspan of each panel in the area where the heavy load(s) will be, then secure the pedestal assembly to the subfloor with the use of pedestal adhesive also offered on our website. Or, just set your equipment in place and then remove the panel next to the equipment. Slide the equipment support under the panel and put it right underneath the foot of the new equipment, then crank up the adjusting nut until the plate rests against the bottom of the access floor panel. Don't try to lift the panel with the support, you just want it to touch the bottom. You don't have to glue them in place, but you can if you wish. You use pedestal adhesive, which is sold on the same page as the supports.


Is there anything else you need to know before I order?

Yes, your finished floor height so that we can provide the correct pedestal assembly height. Normally we offer them in increments of 6 inches (i.e. 6, 12 and 18). If you require any other finished floor height (FFH), simply select the pricing for the next higher FFH and indicate in the comment section what your finished floor height is. For example: if you need an 8 inch FFH, you would use the pricing for the 12 inch and advise us of the 8 inch FFH.


Other information:

These are sometimes called jacks, stands, stanchions, legs, pedestals, screw downs, and hoists.