PosiTile Carpet now available!


If you have the old carpet or boxes that read UTP LAN, UTP RTG, or UTP Computile, or JULIE, our product matches your product perfectly.

Here are the colors that we are currently offering.


PosiTile Discovery Series



PosiTile Frontier Series



What is PosiTile?


Originally PosiTile was designed in the late 1980's to work with a raised floor tile manufactured by Tate Access Floors in Jessup Maryland.

For many years, carpet was factory glued to raised floor panels. Because the backing was still jute based, the edges were trimmed and a small piece of edge trim was installed to protect the carpet from fraying. This was the industry standard for many years to carpet raised floor tiles. It was called "carpet with trim". Then someone got the idea of putting 18" x 18" carpet tiles (the standard at the time) on bare raised floor panels. This was called landscaped panels. There was a big problem with the size differences, though. Since raised floors are 24" x 24" square, one would have to pick up four tiles every time they needed access to the panels just to get under the raised floor. With a frequently accessed floor, that was a lot of taking panels up and down. It was also a big mess in a computer room because of the glue being used at the time with the carpet. In the event there was an ink stain, a facility would have to swap out new carpet panel and discard the entire stained panel. Carpet with edge trim on raised floor panels was a very expensive raised floor to maintain.

So Tate teamed up with United Technical Products (UTP) and created the solution - PosiTile. It was the perfect match. Raised floor panels were drilled on the top to accept the buttons on the back of the carpet tile and they fit perfectly with no glue. A facility could swap out the carpet tile only or take off one piece of carpet tile (24" x 24") and then remove one raised floor tile. Also, the backing technology had improved to a point where fraying was not an issue anymore. This product soared in popularity in raised floor environments because it solved the non matching size problem, the glue problem, the fraying and maintenance problem. It also was more attractive. A facility could have carpet on the raised floor without defining the 2' borders of each panel with edge trim.

In about 2001, UTP sold it's PosiTile to Julie Industries. So we have teamed up with Julie Industries to offer PosiTile.

In about 2015, Tate purchased the equipment back from Julie Industries. Now PosiTile is not an economical solution. Now customers actually pay a premium to use a PosiTile product. Julie makes the carpet, and then Tate installs the button at the factory and then its shipped to a customer - this is extra and unnecessary freight charges occur.

We recommend using either a Peel n stick product, LoK Dots or releasable adhesive.

If your facility already has PosiTile installed, the carpet will stay in place between the existing tiles so in many cases glue is not necessary.

Special Note: If you have an older color, we might have that older color in stock as well. Just send us an image to idc@accessfloorsystems.com and we will check and see if we have that color available on special order.

Available through GSA!