Specification Data

Section 10270


  • This section includes conductive carpeting systems for access floors, including specifications for total system resistance to ground.

Quality Assurance

  • Floor Surface Manufacturer- The manufacturer shall have a 10-year history of supplying conductive carpeting for projects of similar size and scope.
  • Electrical Resistance-(1) The resistance of the floor coverings shall range from 1.0 X 108 to 2.5 X 104 Ohms measured from the carpet surface to the pedestal understructure (see diagram below). (2) Panel-to-understructure (metal-to-metal) contacts shall have no more than 10 Ohms resistance.
  • Test Methods- The electrical resistance of the access floor system, together with the carpet system, shall be tested in accordance with NFPA 99.  The test is modified for access floors by placing one electrode on the carpet surface with the other electrode attached to the understructure.
  • Flame Spread- Floor covering shall have a critical radiant flux of >.45 W/CM2 based on ASTM E649 Class 1.


  • Test reports by an independent testing laboratory certifying that the access floor panel, including the carpeting system, performs as specified.


  • The carpet shall be manufactured by United Technical Products


  • Floor Covering System When specifying floor covering, identify product as CompuTile Rtg, CompuCarpet Rtg with Urabond8, or CompuCarpet, as manufactured by United Technical Products


  • Install raised floor panels with 24" x 24" carpet.


  • Electrical Contractor shall connect the access floor system, together with CompuTile Rtg, to the building ground as follows: For stringer and bolted cornerlock systems, contractor shall wire access floor system to a bolt three successive pedestal heads, every 3,000 square feet. Contractor shall attach one Rtg Connector every 3,000 square feet. All systems should be grounded at a single point. Grounding systems should follow recommendations of electrical contractor and building code.


  • Upon completion, at contractor's request, United Technical Products will submit a certification of the resistance results for the job site based on the NFPA 99 test methodology.  CAUTION: Carpet tile should be specified in Section 10270 as part of access floor systems. Do not specify carpet tile in section 09690, which does not acknowledge the responsibility of floor covering for assuring the system's resistance to ground.