Technical Information


Basic Use-Nevamar laminated flooring products are manufactured specifically for floor surfacing on access flooring systems. They comply with requirements for low static generation and retention, coupled with a washable surface requiring no waxing.


Limitations - Nevamar laminated flooring products are not designed for application on any sub-floor strata other than access floor manufacturer's steel, aluminum, wood, or particle board floor components. They are not recommended for exterior use.


Composition and Materials - Nevamar laminated flooring products are manufactured using a specially formulated surface sheet over a melamine impregnated print pattern sheet. The core layers of phenolic impregnated kraft papers have been designed to control dimensional stability. The laminate composition is pressed under closely controlled pressures and temperatures. The back of the laminate composition is sanded to maintain uniform thickness and to facilitate bonding.


Grades - Nevamar LFT is available in a variety of grades to suit most needs.


Standard Grades:

    GRADE FL-12
  • Nominal Thickness - 1/8" (3.2mm)
  • Actual Thickness - .123" (3.1mm) +0-.011" (.28mm)
  • Nominal Size - 24" x 24" (610mm x 610 mm) (or as ordered)
  • Cutting Tolerance - +0-.020" (+0-.51mm)
  • Diagonal Tolerance 0 within .035" (.9mm)
    GRADE FL-6
  • Nominal thickness - 1/16" (1.6mm)
  • Actual Thickness - .062" (1.6mm) +- .005" (.13mm)


Note:All grades may be purchased in either full size sheets (i.e., 4 ft. x 8 ft.) (121.92 cm x 243.84 cm) or cut-to size.

Proper grade of product needed is dependent on the total flooring system requirements. When specifying an access floor, we recommend that the floor manufacturer be contacted for proper specification.


Sizes - General industry requirements are a nominal 24" x 24" (60.96 cm x 60.96 cm), but other sizes are manufactured to order.


Colors and Patterns - Nevamar flooring products are offered in patterns selected to meet most design and aesthetic requirements for initial installation and future additions. The standard patterns are manufactured to comply with light reflectance values as recommended by leading computer manufacturers. (Other items in the Nevamar laminates line are available on Laminated Floor Tile on a special order basis.


Finish - Textured (a low sheen, matte finish). Applicable Standards: Material Shall equal or exceed performance standards set by ANSI (American National Standards Institute)/NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) Publication LD3-1991 for high-pressure decorative plastic laminate.



Fabrication Data - Nevamar laminated flooring products should be bonded to oil free steel, aluminum, plywood or particle board access floor sections, with a moisture resistant adhesive in accordance with adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations.




Varies according to grade, quantity and locale.


Maintenance -

Note: Never flood the floor with water or cleaning agents! Nevamar laminated flooring products are easily cleaned in low traffic areas by damp mopping with water and a mild, multi-purpose non-ammoniated floor cleaner, like RISE systems, mixed with water according to the manufacturer's directions. Do not seal, wax, or mechanically buff the floor.